Hi there! I'm Mel, a writer and traveller from London. I moved to Southeast Asia last year to explore my Philippine roots, carve my own life path, and chase the sun. I love the ocean, sending postcards, and finding inspiration in everyday life. Welcome to my world of travel tales, human connections, and illuminations. I hope you find comfort and inspiration here.



I grew up in Bayswater, London - a city which I'm torn between loving and hating. I lived in Warsaw for two years when I was 8. After following a message from the universe, I up and moved to Manila last year. I'm working life out as I go, and so far, it's been phenomenal. I love the era we live in. It's fluid, freeing, and holds nothing against us. We can do anything we set our minds to. 

Having lived in bustling cities my whole life, I appreciate the luxury of stillness to an infinite degree. When I have a chance to be quiet, whether on a peaceful beach or a mountain beneath the stars, I like to close my eyes, breathe in the moment, and be. Escaping our world of perpetual digital distraction does the soul so very good.

My wanderlust is insatiable. I love to lose myself in new places, new cultures; meet new people, see new things. There's nothing quite like the nervousness and excitement that pools in my stomach when I look out of my airplane window and see an unexplored country welcoming me to the flesh and veins of its lands. I live for those moments of pure, unadulterated wonder.

When I’m not travelling, I remain a creature of habit. I like to curl up with good books for hours on end and play the same song on repeat until its backbeat is steeped into my memory. I like the smell of fresh lavender and how good my body feels after sipping lemon-infused water first thing in the morning. I like hot, freshly cooked adobo with plenty of bayleaf and balsamic vinegar - it reminds me of Mama, of Papa, of home.

And on that note, this year has taught me, more than anything else, that "home" is an unfixed concept.

Home really is where the heart is.