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Krka National Park Falls - Lozovac, Dalmatia, Croatia - illumelation.jpg
We rose early to greet the dawn in Zaton – a gorgeous little sea town along the coast in southern Croatia. Our boutique hotel, The Admiral Zaton, had organised a day trip for us to visit the Krka National Park – a teeming ecosystem of natural rivers, waterfalls, and beauty.
The Admiral Zaton - Takeaway Breakfast before Krka - Sibenik, Croatia - illumelation
We got ready and went out to the port, where The Admiral yacht awaited. Owner Jonathan, a Californian native who founded the hotel with his wife Megan, welcomed us aboard with cute little breakfast boxes made up of heart-shaped waffles and cold-cuts, before revving the boat’s engine and speeding us away in the direction of Krka National Park.
The Admiral Zaton - Heart Waffles - Takeaway Breakfast before Krka - Sibenik, Croatia - illumelation
Sunrise streamed in from behind the hills; we glided smoothly across the sparkling waters. Soon, we reached Skradin – a small town near the Krka river, home to the Krka National Park entrance.
Fisherman at Skradin Port - Croatia - illumelation.jpg
Along with Ieva, and the lovely Nadia and Javi, we got our tickets and boarded the boat to Krka. The ride was relaxing. We weaved quickly through the throng of tourists to get to the waterfalls before they were swarmed, stripping off quickly once we reached the bank. Then we jumped into the water, having a special moment with the falls before hordes more tourists followed suit.
Krka National Park Falls - Croatia - illumelation
The falls were unquestionably awesome – a row of powerful natural jets tumbled down into the lakes from mossy cliffs. The water was turquoise green throughout. The water was a shimmering green-blue, with rock formations the colour of baked clay peeking out from below the surface. Ethereal.
Human Beings at Krka National Park Falls - Lozovac, Dalmatia, Croatia - illumelation.jpg
More Human Beings at Krka National Park Falls - Lozovac, Dalmatia, Croatia - illumelation.jpg
Once the main swimming area was saturated with flailing limbs attempting to balance on the submerged rocks, we did some exploring and found a cosy little cave with mini-waterfalls. We set up camp on the rocks there and enjoyed a cracking view of the falls, since that part was roped off, unmarred by countless bobbing human heads.
At Krka National Park Falls - Lozovac, Dalmatia, Croatia - illumelation.jpg
In the picture below, you can see people in the bottom corner by the cordon rope. If you’re heading to Krka, I recommend finding this spot. Some stillness in the chaos.
Krka National Park Falls Cave - Lozovac, Dalmatia, Croatia - illumelation.jpg
After a couple of hours, the sun was out in full force, shining gloriously down on Krka. We bought a gelato to share and strolled leisurely back through the park until we found the boat shuttle to Skradin.
Ice Cream Gelato at Krka National Park - illumelation.jpg
Before meeting the yacht again, we took the opportunity to wander around Skradin, which is a darling little town whose picturesque streets and rustic houses look like they have been plucked straight from Tuscany.
Wandering the Old Town in Skradin, Croatia - illumelation
We took our time admiring the alleyways, scoping out the cafes and local boutiques selling fresh lavender and spirits. Then it was time for us to catch up with the others, and hop aboard the yacht for another adventure…
Skradin Old Town - Croatia - illumelation.jpg

Thanks again The Admiral Zaton for your hospitality on this wonderful day x

Mel Legarda

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