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Are you wondering what to wear to Thorpe Park?

Need some practical but cute theme park outfit inspiration?

Read on for my useful guide on what to wear to Thorpe Park, with practical outfit ideas for when it’s cold and when it’s warm – plus other theme park wardrobe staples to keep you comfy all day long!

What to wear to Thorpe Park Outfit Style guide -

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What to Wear to Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park is one of the UK’s most popular theme parks, getting millions of visitors per year – and one of the biggest questions asked is: “What should I wear to Thorpe Park?”

Whether you’re up for an adrenaline-pumping spin on Stealth with friends, planning a fun family day out, or going for a romantic ride on Tidal Wave, it’s important to wear the right outfit for Thorpe Park to help you have a great experience – and stay ready for inevitable English drizzle!

I’ve been to Thorpe Park plenty of times in rain and shine, and there’s nothing worse than realising you’ve not worn the right clothes for the weather.

So let’s dive into what to wear to Thorpe Park to make your visit a good one!

What to Wear to Thorpe Park in Winter

Thorpe Park Outfit Ideas for Cold Rainy Weather

What to wear to Thorpe Park in Cold Weather - Thorpe Park Outfit Guide -

Thorpe Park in Cold Weather Outfit 1: Waterproof Jacket, Cashmere Scarf, Knit Jumper, Cuffed Trousers, Thermal Base Layer, Boots, Waterproof Bum Bag, Beanie, Gloves

Thorpe Park in Cold Weather Outfit 2: Waterproof Puffer Jacket, Columbia Fleece, Beanie Hat, Thermal Leggings, Timberland Boots, Thermal Base Layer, Cashmere Scarf

  • Waterproof Jacket or Poncho: Since we’re in the UK, which is famous for its unpredictable weather, it’s always a good idea to bring a waterproof jacket, raincoat, or poncho when visiting Thorpe Park. You can check out this waterproof jacket to stay dry and protected. Another essential item is an insulated waterproof jacket. Look for something lightweight and breathable like this one so you don’t feel too stuffy. You can even wear it on water rides! If you’re worried about your hair and face getting wet, just put your hood up instead of carrying an umbrella, unless you’re bringing a bag.
  • Warmer Layers: Wear a hoodie or fleece beneath your jacket, because you’ll be walking around and standing in the cold for most of the day! I’d suggest investing in merino wool base layers – they’re thin yet extremely warm. People use them for skiing and snowboarding – so they’d be great for a day at Thorpe Park too!
  • Waterproof Shoes: Waterproof shoes are a must when it’s raining – you don’t want your feet to get soaked while walking around the park or you’ll be uncomfortable and possibly catch a cold. Wear waterproof shoes like Timberland boots, rain boots or rubber water-resistant sneakers to keep prevent slipping. They’ll keep your feet toasty and dry in the cold rain.
  • Waterproof Backpack or Bumbag: I’d suggest that you don’t bring a bag if it’s raining: try to fit everything you need in zip pockets inside your coat. But if you do need to carry water snacks, keys, or anything else, then go for a waterproof bum-bag or backpack. You can keep the bum bag under your coat or stash your backpack in the ride cages.

What to Wear to Thorpe Park In Autumn

Thorpe Park Outfit Ideas for Chilly Weather

What to wear to Thorpe Park on a cloudy day - Thorpe Park Outfit Guide -

Thorpe Park in Autumn Outfit 1: Denim Jacket, Baseball Cap, Flannel Shirt, Crop Turtleneck, Black Cami, Leggings, Sneakers

Thorpe Park in Autumn Outfit 2: Lightweight ‘Shacket’, Band Tee, Baggy Jeans, Boots, Beanie

  • Layer Up: When it’s cloudy and cool, a lightweight shacket or cardigan will keep you warm. Choose a layer that’s easy to take off or tie around your waist, so you can adjust throughout the day as needed. I’d recommend jeans or leggings that are comfy and easy to move in. Choose darker colours that won’t show dirt or stains easily. You can also wear thermal tights or socks if it’s particularly nippy.

  • Comfortable Shoes: Wear comfortable boots or sneakers that you can walk around in all day without feeling discomfort. This is key! You don’t want to ruin your day at Thorpe Park by hobbling around with blisters. Choose shoes with support and traction, and make sure you’ve got cosy socks.

  • Keep Warm: As mentioned, even in the summer, the UK can get pretty chilly when there’s no sun. Bring a sweater, fleece, cardigan or denim jacket to keep you warm when the temperature drops.

  • Rain Protection: When the forecast says it’s going to rain at Thorpe Park, I usually wear a beanie or baseball cap to keep my head warm, but also, as a backup in case it starts to drizzle and I don’t have a hood. If you have long hair, I recommend this baseball cap which lets you wear a ponytail underneath it – this will keep rain off your face too!

What to Wear to Thorpe Park in Spring or Summer

What to wear to Thorpe Park in the spring and summer - Thorpe Park Outfit Guide -

Thorpe Park Outfit Ideas for Hot Weather

Thorpe Park in Spring/Summer Outfit 1: Linen Shorts, Cami Vest Top, Linen Shirt, Sneakers, Cap, Bum Bag

Thorpe Park in Spring/Summer Outfit 2: Sundress, Cardigan, Sunglasses, Mini Backpack, Scrunchie, Sneakers

  • Loose, Comfortable Clothing: When the sun is shining, it’s important to wear comfortable clothing for a day at Thorpe Park. Go for light, flowy or breathable fabrics like cotton or linen that won’t stick to your skin. The last thing you want is to feel sweaty! Whether it’s spring or summer, a sundress, light trousers or shorts are perfect for staying cool all day. Depending on your vibe, I’d recommend wearing bright or light colours to stand out on ride photos. If you wear black, you might get too hot, since dark colours absorb heat. Nervous about your skirt or dress flying up on rides? Wear shorts or a playsuit instead!
  • Warmer Layers: Even in summer months, England gets chilly when there’s no sun. Bring a linen shirt, cardigan or denim jacket to stay warm when the temperature drops, or when you’re queuing for a ride in the shade.
  • Sun Protection: Sun protection is essential if spending the day outside in the sun. Wear a baseball cap or hat to protect your head and face from harmful rays. Remember to apply sunscreen to any exposed skin. Do you have long hair? Check out this special baseball cap which lets you wear a ponytail underneath. Bonus points if the cap is foldable and can fit in your bag or pocket during rides.
  • Light Supportive Shoes: Remember to wear comfortable sneakers that you can walk around in for long periods without feeling uncomfortable. Again, you’ll be on your feet all day at Thorpe Park! Choose something with support and grip. Light white sneakers usually do the trick in summer, as they keep your feet cool and supported, but suit any outfit.

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Log flume water ride at a theme park ascending before the big drop

Classic log flume water ride – get ready to be splashed!

How To Not Get Wet On Water Rides at Thorpe Park

What to Wear on Water Rides

  • Water-Resistant Clothing or a Poncho: If you plan to go on water rides like Tidal Wave, try and wear water-resistant clothing to avoid getting drenched – or grab a fun, cheap poncho! Avoid wearing heavy fabrics like denim or wool, as they tend to get heavy and uncomfortable when wet. Nylon and polyester are lighter and dry faster. Wearing a poncho is the ideal way to stay dry on water rides. They’re lightweight, easy to pack, and can be worn over your clothes. Thorpe Park sells ponchos on-site, but if you have a poncho at home, bring it with you to save some time and money.
  • Zip Pockets: When going on water rides, it’s important to secure your belongings. Avoid carrying anything onto a water ride that isn’t waterproof, or you might risk damaging it.
  • Change of Clothes: Bringing extra clothes is a great idea for Thorpe Park if you’re planning to go on a few water rides. It’s easier to change into dry clothes than spend the rest of the day feeling uncomfortable. If you don’t want to carry a change of clothes with you, Thorpe Park has lockers available to keep your belongings in. There are also dryer machines which cost £2 to dry yourself for a couple of minutes.
  • Sit at the Back: When doing a water ride, sit at the back and wear your poncho. You’ll have a better chance of avoiding getting drenched. You’ll probably still get splashed though!
What to Wear to Thorpe Park: Theme Park Outfit Guide - Stealth Rollercoaster Ride at Thorpe Park on a bright sunny day

The legendary Stealth rollercoaster ride at Thorpe Park

Essential Things To Wear to Thorpe Park

What Essential Things Do You Need To Bring To Thorpe Park?

  • Your Comfiest Shoes: If there’s one takeaway you have from this guide to Thorpe Park, it’s this: wear comfortable shoes! You’re spending all day on your feet, queueing up and walking around. So wear sneakers or boots that you can move around in all day without any discomfort. Try not to wear flip-flops or sandals, as this type of footwear may not be allowed on some rides. If you’ve got high arches or require foot support, consider slip-in insolesRoo Runs are great for arch support.
  • Bum Bag or Small Backpack: Carrying a backpack or bumbag is a great way to stay hands-free while exploring Thorpe Park. This lets you bring around essentials like keys, sunscreen, water, snacks to keep you hydrated and taken care of all day.
  • Zip Pockets and Secure Pouches: On rides, try to keep your legs and arms inside the vehicle. Avoid wearing anything value or that can easily fall off, like hats, watches or jewellery. I’d recommend zip pockets for this reason, as personally I prefer to keep my phone on me, even on rides. My favourite coat with a secure inner pocket is the North Face puffer.

What to wear to Thorpe Park Outfit Style guide - theme park style guide - - Beautiful fiery orange-yellow sunset with the silhouette of a theme park against it

Wrapping Up: Feeling Prepared for Thorpe Park

Visiting Thorpe Park is always so much fun – and it’s important to dress appropriately so you can have the best possible day. Comfy shoes and clothes, zip pockets, and a backup poncho are all key for staying dry and happy – priorities when you’re spending the whole day at Thorpe Park.

Before you visit Thorpe Park, remember to check out the weather. Then, think about the what rides you’re doing and make sure you’re comfortable. That way, you can have a blast and make the most your day at the theme park, rain or shine.

I hope this what to wear to Thorpe Park outfit guide was useful – and I hope you’ve got a cute Thorpe Park outfit lined up!

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