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Best Things To Do In Milos: 2024 Travel Guide

Are you looking for the best things to do in Milos Island, Greece? You’re in the right place!

I’m Mel, a travel blogger from the UK, and in this post I’ve rounded up the most epic things to do in Milos, so you can make the most of your trip!

I fell completely in love with this quiet Greek island on my first visit.  Milos one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to, full of character and charm.

From the best beaches near Adamas, to the best seafood restaurants in Pollonia, in this Milos travel guide I’m sharing all my top tips for exploring this beautiful island.

Let’s dive into my Milos travel guide!

Mel in a white bikini standing on Sarakiniko Beach in Milos, Greece, taking a Polaroid photo at sunrise - Best Things To Do In Milos: Greece Travel Guide by a blogger

Standing on Sarakiniko Beach in Milos Island, Greece, taking a Polaroid photo of the gorgeous sunrise –

Where is Milos?

If you’ve never heard of Milos, it’s a Greek island just a few hours away from Santorini by boat, and a little further away from Athens. Milos is the birthplace of the famous Venus de Milo sculpture and has rapidly turned into an unearthed ‘hidden gem’ on the international travel scene.

When is the best time to visit Milos?

I visited in September, when the weather was warm and the crowds were a little quieter. I think September is the best time to visit Milos, because you’re able to experience the natural beauty of the island at a relaxed pace, and there are simply fewer other people to disturb your holiday.

Hello Adventure

How do you get around Milos?

Milos is a very easy island to navigate on wheels. We rented a dusty little Fiat and it got us around just fine. Driving from one end of the island to the other literally only takes an hour. I’d recommend hiring a car in Milos so that you can explore the different beaches and villages in your own time, at your own pace. We went with Tourlakis Rental Cars in Adamas. Cheap, friendly, and super flexible. You could also get a quad bike, bicycles, or try the local bus.

Stunning sunrise from our suite at Salt Suites Boutique Hotel in Milos, Greece

Stunning seafront room at Salt Suites Boutique Hotel in Milos, Greece

Where To Stay In Milos?

5 Amazing Hotels To Stay In Milos Island

Are you looking for the best hotels to stay at in Milos, Greece? These are my top 5 recommendations, from where I’ve personally stayed, to the top-rated hotels in Milos online and vetted by other reliable travellers and friends.

Salt Suites

I can vouch first-hand for this phenomenal hotel! Check out my experience here: Grecian Bliss: Salt Suites & Executive Rooms Hotel Review.

  • Rating: 4.8/5 on
  • Amenities: Beachfront, Free WiFi, Sun Terrace, Airport Shuttle.
  • Location: Pollonia, Milos
  • Price per night: From £180

Captain Zeppos

This is the best hotel in Milos for couples celebrating a milestone – the sunsets, the hot tub, the romance!

  • Rating: 9.8/10 on
  • Amenities: Beachfront, Free WiFi, Free Parking, Hot Tub/Jacuzzi.
  • Location: Pollonia, Milos
  • Price per night: From £140

Melian Boutique Hotel & Spa

This is the best hotel in Milos for couples or friends who want to experience the luxe life in Pollonia.

  • Rating: 9.7/10 on
  • Amenities: Beachfront, Spa & Wellness Centre, Outdoor Pool, Room Service.
  • Location: Pollonia, Milos
  • Price per night: From £200

Lagada Beach Hotel

This is one of the best hotels in Adamas for access to the beach, being close to town and the boat port!

  • Rating: 8.5/10 on
  • Amenities: Beachfront, Outdoor Pool, Restaurant, Bar.
  • Location: Adamas, Milos
  • Price per night: From £100

Santa Maria Luxury Suites

This is hands-down one of the best luxury hotels in Milos for living the lush life, stunning views, and delicious food.

  • Rating: 9.3/10 on
  • Amenities: Free WiFi, Private Parking, Room Service, Airport Shuttle.
  • Location: Adamas, Milos
  • Price per night: From £130
Stunning blue sea with craggy brown rocks in Plathieno Beach, Milos, Greece - Best Things To Do In Milos: Greece Travel Guide by a blogger

Stunning blue sea with craggy brown rocks in Plathieno Beach, Milos Island, Greece

10 Things to Do in Milos Island, Greece

So let’s dive into the list of 10 amazing things to do in Milos, as well as the most beautiful beaches to visit on the island!

Mel in a white bikini standing by the sea on Sarakiniko Beach in Milos, Greece, holding a polaroid camera

Exploring the otherworldly white rocks of Sarakiniko Beach in Milos, Greece

1. Sarakiniko Beach

Walk on the moon at Sarakiniko Beach, a stunning limestone seascape. Try to get there at sunrise or sunset.

I’d seen stunning visuals of Sarakiniko Beach doing the rounds on Instagram. The real thing was even better. We visited Sarakiniko at sunset on our first day in Milos.

I was awestruck by its hauntingly beautiful lunar landscape and swirling seas, lit up by dramatic purple and pink skies. We woke up early and returned for sunrise a few days later to see Sarakiniko in a completely different light (literally).

It was one of the most breathtaking, romantic sunrises I’ve had – and it felt like we standing were on another planet.

Mel girl sitting on Sarakiniko Beach in Milos, Greece, on smooth white limestone half cast in shadow with the sea swirling beneath

Rows of colourful fishing houses by the sea in Klima Fishing Village Milos, Greece

2. Explore Klima fishing village

Explore the traditional syrmata (fisherman’s houses) built into the coastline in Klima, then stay for a glorious sunset.

Klima. What a unbelievably beautiful place. Wander this fishing village, oozing with charm and uniqueness. Careful when walking on the rocks – the waves will get you.

Catch sunset here, either on the end of a pier, or with a drink in hand, watching the sky turn blue to orange to pink to purple.

Blue and white fishing boat floating on the sea in Klima Fishing Village in Milos Greece
Colourful railings and stone steps of houses in Klima Fishing Village, Milos
Sunset over the sea with the silhouette of a mountain in the horizon at Klima Fishing Village in Milos Greece
Mel Snorkelling in a white bikini underwater in Kleftiko Sea Caves in Milos Greece - shot on GoPro - travel guide to Milos

3. Take an island cruise — go snorkelling around Kleftiko

Glide around in turquoise volcanic waters, ancient limestone caves and spot transparent fish darting about.

The hidden rock formations of Kleftiko (Bandits’ Lair) can only be reached by boat. I loved gliding around and chasing the little transparent fish darting around.

The distances between the formations are deceptively far, so get your stamina up for this one. Flippers and snorkel optional, but recommended — the water is extremely salty and will definitely sting your eyes!

Mel in a white bikini sitting down by the sea in Sykia Sea Cave, Milos - travel guide

Mel wearing a white bikini swinging a straw handbag exploring Sykia Sea Cave Milos Greece

4. Climb up the Sykia sea cave

Known as the Emerald Cave, or Blue Cave, this curious sea cavern in Milos has a collapsed roof and is only accessible via dinghy through its small arched entrance. The water is a bright, crystal clear turquoise, and the rock formations are startlingly white. The inner rock formations are fascinating.

We sailed with Polco Sailing – they were amazing.

Battered fresh calamari squid with a slice of lemon on a white plate in Pollonia, Milos, Greece

5. Eat fresh seafood at a seafront restaurant in Pollonia

Fresh seabass, lobster, squid or sardines. Pollonia’s seafront restaurants have it all. Best enjoyed with a cool drink.

The moment we drove into Pollonia, I knew, just knew that the seafront town would have epic seafood. In the sleepy afternoon, chalkboards with set dinner options heralded the good things to come. Our favourite restaurant in Pollonia was Gialos.

We ate there twice, not only because the food was amazing, but because the staff were SO KIND AND GENEROUS.

The restaurant was packed, but they went above and beyond to bring out an extra table and chairs. They sat us under a tree on the pier by the water, just so we could have dinner there. Now that is customer service.

6. Sunbathe at Paliochori Beach


Part red rocks, part golden sand, all scorching hot. Swim, sunbathe, and explore at this wind-protected beach spot.

The water is clear and blue, encompassed by a ring of limestone rock, which merges with volcanic black sand in some parts of the beach. The sun-loungers are quintessentially European, blue-and-white stripes with matching parasols.

It’s a little nook unplugged from the world, protected from the wind, surrounded by rocks and water.

The seabed is made up of rocks, too. Lovely ones. Marbles and pink glass and flat black stones, perfect for skimming.

Mel splashing in the sea at Paleochori Beach, Milos, Greece
Rock details close-up at Paleochori Beach, Milos Greece
Paliochori Beach in Milos, Greece

7. Enjoy fresh Greek salad with a view in Plaka

Fresh Greek salad and squid special dish at Ergina Tavern in Plaka, Milos, Greece
Enjoy a fresh Greek salad with local Milos cheese in Plaka, over a stunning view of the bright blue ocean.If there’s one thing I love about visiting Greece, it’s the Greek salad. Big, juicy red vine tomatoes. Cool, crisp cucumbers.

Best of all, thick and delicious feta cheese.

I’m guilty of eating Greek salad every day when I’m in the country, and Milos was no different. But on the island, it was Greek salad with a twist – Milos cheese.

We loved it, and ate ours with a view over the twinkling blue sea at noon. Check out Ergina Restaurant, and then for a delicious dinner, try Barriello. Fantastic octopus.

Moon rising over the sea in Milos, Greece
Sunset on the sea in Milos, Greece

8. Watch the sun set and the moon rise in Milos — at the same time!

Milos is unique in its geography, in that the island is so flat, you can see the moon rise as the sun sets, and vice versa.

The moon and the sun, hanging in the same sky? You’ve never seen a twilight like this.

We spotted this phenomenon twice. First, when we were gliding through the ocean at sunset, as our cruise ship was headed back to Adamas port, and then again as we drove to the airport at sunrise.

The sun was setting in a blaze of orange in the west, whilst to the east, a twinkling white moon was rising in a cloud of purple. What a sight.

9. Enjoy the cheap yet epic gyros/souvlaki in Adamas

It’s Greece’s answer to fish and chips, but way better.

If you find yourself in Adamas, hankering for a satisfying lunch or dinner that isn’t too costly, go for souvlaki.

We found an incredible seafront tavern called Gyros of Milos packed full of locals and tourists alike, with a straightforward menu of gyros, souvlaki, chips (french fries) and salad.

Gyros is essentially meat, onion, tomato and tzatziki sauce served up in pita, whereas souvlaki is grilled vegetables and skewers. (If I’ve got that wrong, feel free to correct me in the comments!)

A hefty meal for two with a couple of drinks cost us €13. Not bad at all.

Milos - Beautiful Beach

10. Rent a car and get lost on the stunning island of Milos

Just by driving around the island, we stumbled across some gorgeous beach gems. Fyropotamos, for one, and Papafragas for another.

We had a dusty silver manual Fiat Panda that struggled uphill from Tourlakis rental cars – and we absolutely loved it. Radio, aircon, windows, easy driving. No AUX cord, but that was fine with us.

My favourite thing about exploring by car, especially on little islands in Europe, is that your sense of discovery stays switched on, and you get to hang out with your familiar friend, wanderlust.

Getting lost on the island was one of my favourite things to do in Milos!

Thanks so much for reading my guide to the best things to do in Milos. I hope it was useful.

If you’ve got any questions about visiting Milos for the first time, let me know by leaving a comment below. Efharisto!

Please note, I have used affiliate booking links throughout this post. This is at no cost to you, and helps support this blog/afford a cup of tea here and there!

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