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Have you heard about Turche Cave in Valencia Comunidad?

Are you wondering whether to visit Turche Cave?

This Turche Cave guide is for you!

I recently went spent the day at Cueva de Turche or Turche Cave in Buñol with a friend, and we fell in love with its stunning waterfall and cold natural turquoise waters.

Imagine taking a dip in cold natural pools, being amazed by a towering waterfall, and exploring the fascinating corners of a prehistoric cave. Sounds thrilling, right?

So if you’re wondering how to get to Turche Cave, what to pack for Turche Cave, and what to expect during your visit…

Stay tuned and dive into my detailed Turche Cave review!

Turche Cave Review - Waterfall and Turche Cave in Bunol, Valencia11

Turquoise waters and misty waterfall spray at Turche Cave, Buñol

Turche Cave Review: Buñol’s Best Kept Secret

Where is Turche Cave?

You’ve got your backpack ready and your rock shoes on, but where exactly is Turche Cave?

Turche Cave, or Cueva de Turche as it’s locally called, is snuggled up in Buñol, a charming town in Valencia Community, Spain. Just about 38 kilometres west of Valencia city, it’s a quick ride, making it a top pick for a day trip.

Tucked away in the heart of Buñol, Turche Cave isn’t just any old cave either – it’s a gorgeous hideaway for adventurous souls, waterfall lovers, and rock climbers.

If you’re in Valencia, or any other town nearby and fancy getting into nature, then I really recommend Turche Cave.

So let’s talk about one of the best caves near Valencia that you absolutely can’t miss!

Turquoise waters and misty waterfall spray at Turche Cave, Buñol - brunette woman in yellow and white swimsuit admiring the waterfall in the rock face

Taking a dip in the turquoise lagoon at Turche Cave, Buñol

How To Get To Turche Cave in Buñol

How To Get to Turche Cave via Public Transport

If you’re relying on public transport, getting there’s a bit of an adventure but definitely doable.

From Valencia city, you can board a train from the Estació del Nord station heading towards Buñol. The train journey should take around 50 minutes.

Once you reach Buñol, lace up your walking boots. From the train station, the cave is about 3 miles away, which is roughly an hour to walk.

If you’re not up for the trek, you can catch a local bus or taxi from the station which will drop you much closer to the cave. Do keep in mind that the bus service operates at limited hours, and it’s always a good idea to check the schedule beforehand.

"Paraje Natural Cueva de Turche" Road Sign at Turche Cave, Buñol Car Park

“Paraje Natural Cueva de Turche” Map at Turche Cave, Buñol Car Park

How to Get To Turche Cave Via Car

Driving to Turche Cave is a straightforward journey – I’d recommend going to Turche Cave by car.

The cave is located on CV-425, a scenic route that winds its way through the Valencia countryside, offering views of stunning landscapes along the way. From the nearby town of Turis it took about 15 minutes for us to get to!

Where to Park at Turche Cave?

Once you reach the cave, you’ll find a dedicated car park just off the CV-425, located at the top of the path that leads down to the cave.

I personally parked my small car on an off-road behind a couple of other cars who were parked down a road since the car park was closed that day. It was absolutely fine. I’d recommend going early just in case and so you can snag a spot!

After parking your car, it’s a brief, but picturesque walk down to the cave entrance. Remember to wear comfortable shoes as the path can be a bit steep.

There’s maybe a 5 to 10-minute walk to the cave area.

Cueva De Turche informational sign near the entrance

There’s another lagoon en route to Turche Cave, where we caught a glimpse of an eel gracefully weaving its way through the clear turquoise waters. Please remember to respect the local flora and fauna, and always follow the local rules and guidelines. There are helpful signs dotted around the area.

Turche Cave Review - Waterfall and Turche Cave in Bunol, Valencia - Stunning wide-angle vista of Turche Cave: ragged rock face, hidden caves and crevices, thundering waterfall and a beautiful lagoon

Stunning wide-angle vista of Turche Cave: ragged rock face, hidden caves and crevices, thundering waterfall and a beautiful lagoon

What Do You Need Pack For Turche Cave in Buñol?

What to bring to Turche Cave?

Turche Cave, while a stunning natural paradise, is quite rugged and rustic. Buñol generally doesn’t have a ton of amenities nearby… so it’s best to come prepared! You’ll find a petrol station and a humble fruit stand on your way, but options are limited within the immediate vicinity of the cave. A few restaurants and bars are dotted around Buñol, but I’d recommend bringing a picnic.

During our visit, we packed a lunch full of scrumptious chorizo and cheese sandwiches, a bag of jamon crisps, and juicy, fresh-cut fruits and vegetables securely packed in tupperware – a picnic isn’t complete without a bit of a feast, right?

Don’t forget to pack plenty of water to stay hydrated, especially if you’re visiting on a hot day, and electrolyte tablets or sachets if you’re prone to dehydration. High-5 Zero Sugar is my favourite fizzy energy tablet for staying hydrated and perky while travelling (and not gonna lie, they’re absolutely great for helping a hangover disappear!)

The Turche Cave is not just about the cave itself, but the overall experience of being in the midst of nature. You’ll find a number of picnic benches scattered around, perfect for a nice, leisurely lunch while enjoying the serene environment. However, do note that there are no public toilets, so plan your visit accordingly.

Turche Cave is a rugged and untamed jewel of nature, so remember to bring along anything specific you might need for the day – sunscreen, hats, insect repellent, a good book, and some headphones or a bluetooth speaker maybe? Plan ahead and you’re guaranteed a fantastic time exploring this spot!

Turquoise waters and misty waterfall spray at Turche Cave, Buñol - brunette woman in yellow and white swimsuit and hat admiring the waterfall in the rock face

Admiring the scenery while there are no other visitors at Turche Cave, Buñol

What to Pack for a Day at Turche Cave?

If you’re planning a visit to Turche Cave (or Cueva de Turche as the locals call it), I’ve got you covered. Please note that I have used affiliate links from Amazon which means that if you purchase through a link below, I may receive a commission at no additional extra cost to you.

Here’s a handy list of things you’ll need to bring along to make your day extra special:

  • Waterproof Backpack or Bag – Thank me later for this one. It’s so much easier to relax when you’re not worrying about your things getting wet!
  • Swimming Gear – Don’t miss out on the chance to take a dip in the crystal-clear waterfall pools. A swimsuit and a quick-dry towel are must-haves.
  • Sun Protection – Even though most of Turche Cave is shaded, the Valencia sun can still be strong. Pack a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.
  • Rock Shoes – There’s no sand, just rocks and pebbles, so walking into the lagoon feels pretty ouchy! Bring rock shoes or Crocs.
  • Snacks and Water – There are no shops nearby, so it’s a good idea to bring your own food and plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  • Jumper or Blanket – Even if it’s sunny, the water is freezing! Make sure you have something to warm you up.
  • Camera – This is one of the best caves near Valencia, and you’ll want to capture the memories.
  • Comfortable Shoes – There’s a bit of a walk to reach the cave, so be sure to wear comfortable footwear.
  • Adventurous Spirit – This one’s not physical, but it’s pretty important! Be ready to explore, relax, and enjoy the wonders of Turche Cave.

Turquoise lagoon and misty waterfall at Turche Cave, Buñol, Valencia Community - clear blue skies and ragged rock face

Clear blue skies overlooking Turche Cave lagoon and waterfall

Is Turche Cave Worth Visiting?

Why should you visit the Turche Cave?

This isn’t just another cave, it’s the perfect blend of spectacular waterfalls and breathtaking views. Trust me, if you’re like me, always in search of the next best Instagram spot, the Turche Cave is your jackpot!

What’s so special about Turche Cave?

Imagine this: you’re standing in the heart of the Turche Cave, or Cueva de Las Palomas, surrounded by the roaring waterfall and untouched nature…sound like an adventure you’d like? I thought so.

While we were there, we saw this group of wild souls having the time of their lives at Turche Cave! They had hiked all the way up to the summit and then rappelled down the rock face of the waterfall with ropes.

It was seriously mind-blowing to watch them descending the cascading waterfalls, disappearing and reappearing in the mist, and finally plunging into the cool, clear lagoon below. They totally took the thrill of their Turche Cave experience to a whole new level – super cool, right?!

We sat there eating our sandwiches and cheering them on when each climber emerged from the water!

Rock Climbers Rappelling in Turche Cave Review - Waterfall and Turche Cave in Bunol, Valencia

Rock climbers rappelling at Turche Cave down the ragged rock face, past hidden caves and crevices, next to the thundering waterfall

What can you do at Turche Cave?

If you’re an adrenaline junkie or climber, there’s a lot for you to do at Turche Cave. You could try rock climbing or rappelling down the waterfall. For those who enjoy a swim, take a dip in the icy waters. Be warned though, it gets super deep towards the waterfall, so you should be a strong swimmer or have your kids wear armbands. I’d recommend bringing some rock shoes for exploring the area as it’s rocky, not sandy.

Fancy a natural spa experience? Position yourself under the waterfall’s spray and enjoy a refreshing massage courtesy of mother nature herself. If you’re one for capturing memories, the stunning setting of the Turche Cave makes for a perfect photoshoot location. Finally, if all you want is to bask in the sun and chill, find a sunny spot and lay back to savour the serene ambiance.

What is the water like at Turche Cave?

The water at Turche Cave is breathtakingly beautiful and crystal clear, but don’t let its inviting looks fool you – it’s freezing! The depth increases as you move towards the waterfall, so ensure you or your little ones are confident swimmers if you’re planning to venture that far. The shoreline is quite rocky, so it’s best to bring rock shoes for your explorations. It may not be the typical sandy beachfront, but it’s part of what makes Turche Cave so unique and charming!

My dear friend Kat having a stretch beside the stunning blue waters of Turche Cave waterfall

My dear friend Kat having a stretch beside the stunning blue waters of Turche Cave waterfall

Should You Visit Turche Cave Or Cueva De Las Palomas?

What are some other things to see near Turche Cave?

If you’re planning a trip to Turche Cave, don’t miss the chance to explore other local attractions that Buñol offers. Start with the Buñol Castle, a majestic fortress that dates back to the 13th century. It’s perched high above the town, offering panoramic views that are absolutely snap-worthy.

Next, head to the Buñol Municipal Museum, where you can learn more about the region’s rich history and culture. And of course, if you’re in Buñol in late August, you can’t miss the world-famous La Tomatina Festival, where you can join thousands of participants for the most epic food fight of your life – a tomato throwing extravaganza!

Craggy caves in the rock face near Turche Cave in Buñol

Craggy caves in the rock face near Turche Cave

Are there any hiking spots near Turche Cave in Buñol?

For those who are keen to lace up their hiking boots, Buñol offers several scenic trails that are sure to satisfy your appetite for adventure. Start with the route of ‘Los Charcos,’ a moderate trek that takes you through lush pine forests and offers stunning views of Buñol.

Another popular trail is the ‘Ruta de los Molinos,’ or ‘Route of the Mills.’ This path takes you past ancient water mills and along the river, providing a gentle and scenic walk that’s perfect for a leisurely afternoon.

If you’re after a more challenging hike, you might want to try the ‘Cerro de la Atalaya‘ route. The climb is steep, but you’ll be rewarded with unparalleled vistas of the surrounding area from the top. Remember to bring your camera!

No matter which trail you choose, the hiking near Buñol is a feast for the eyes! There’s so much natural beauty in the area.

Tree-lined beautiful lagoon nestled in the foliage near Turche Cave

Another beautiful lagoon nestled in the foliage near Turche Cave

Exploring the Rest of Valencia Community

So if you’re planning on visiting the best caves near Valencia, don’t miss out on Turche Cave in Buñol.

I hope this Turche Cave review and guide was useful!

There are so many other incredible places to visit near Turche Cave. If you’re exploring more of Valencia, check out my other Spain posts.

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