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As a full-time content creator and traveller, I always bring certain things on trips with me to help improve my journey. On this page I’m sharing my favourite items needed for travel — ones that I personally use and highly recommend. I’ll be updating this regularly, so check back soon!

Note: All items listed below are Amazon affiliate links. This means I get a very small commission if you make purchases by clicking through, at no extra cost to you.

Airplane & Sleeping

Here’s what I choose to use:

Sleep Mask

Blackout contoured sleeping mask replete with carry pouch and ear plugs.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

You won’t hear a peep. And especially not the guy snoring beside you on your long-haul to Thailand.

Bose Headphone Replacement Cable

Cables always get a bit battered after being shoved into a backpack. It’s good to have a backup!

Packing Cubes & Organisers

Check back soon for items that will help organise your packing


Hot Climate Items

Check back soon for items you need to pack for a hot destination.


Cold Climate Items


If you’ve got any questions or need advice, feel free to drop a comment below!

Mel Legarda

Melissa Legarda is the founder of illumelation. She has worked as a travel blogger, creator and writer since 2015, and has collaborated with well-known brands worldwide. She has helped over 1,100+ students improve their travel photography skills since launching her creative courses. Her mission is to encourage and empower others to travel and create more. Find her on Instagram.

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