Salt Suites Milos: A Slice of Greek Bliss

Salt Suites Milos: A Slice of Greek Bliss
View from the Balcony at Salt Milos Suites (Review) 2018

Soft golden light floods into the bedroom from the open balcony doors. Willowy white curtains flutter delicately in the breeze. The ocean expands before me, turquoise, glittering, endless. And then we hear it: the gentle lapping of the waves.

Just another morning of paradise at Salt.

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Salt is perfectly placed on a prime corner slope by the sea in Pollonia, with an unbelievable view – especially at sunset – of the sea beyond a cluster of mountains. Because of its position, jutting slightly out in relation to neighbouring suites and hotels, your one and only view is of the sea – and your hot tub.

Pollonia is a world away from Adamas. It’s a little more quiet, more elegant, more tranquil. Every moment spent in this charming fishing village is a joy. Your stay would be equally as wonderful if spent entirely at Salt, lounging on your terrace, sipping drinks in the hot tub, or laying on the bed, staring out at the ocean, being lulled into dreamy serenity by the quiet lapping of the waves.


Salt Milos Balcony
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Salt Milos - View from the Suite - Polaroids of Pollonia
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Design and Ambiance

There are up to ten suites available at Salt, but the overarching design elements that offer elegance and minimalism, also allow you to feel a unique sensation of intimacy, as if you’ve just bought your own Greek villa by the sea. There is a lasting thought put into every angle of architecture without ever feeling walled in. The view speaks for itself.

We had the Paleochori suite. The bed was our favourite aspect of the suite. Raised on a wooden platform with a wide skirting platform, the bed adds to the sense of utter serenity . It was, is, a pleasure to wake up to and return home to the soft, cushy pillows and cosy sheets – especially when panels of soft golden afternoon light are spilling onto the bed. Perfect for a post-lunch siesta.

Salt Milos Bedroom - illumelation
Salt Milos - Decoration - Paleochori Suite
Salt Milos Bedroom - illumelation
Salt Milos Bedroom - illumelation
Salt Milos Paleochori Suite - illumelation
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Small touches are what makes a place great. You get to choose your own breakfast and the time it’s served by hanging a menu outside your door handle every evening. One of their courteous team will carry a crate of delicious Greek breakfast to your balcony at your chosen time, including fresh coffee and pastries to enjoy while you watch the sunrise.

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Parting thoughts

We spent each moment at Salt Milos in a state of zen island bliss. Every element of the suite is beautifully considered, from the minimal luxe seaside architecture, to the wooden fisherman’s crate that breakfast is served in every morning, and exceeded our expectations at every turn.

We often caught ourselves wondering if we could ever leave such a place. Our evening ritual of watching the sun setting as warm jets massaged our muscles in the hot tub contributed to the notion. There are holidays, and then there are moments like these.

Is Salt Milos the best hotel in Greece? Yes, I think it is.

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Disclosure: My stay at Salt Suites Milos was a collaboration, however all opinions are my own and remain 100% honest.. I cannot recommend this boutique hotel enough, and I would happily return on my own accord.


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