Travel Blogger in London

Hey, I'm Mel!

In 2015 I left my job in London to chase sunsets in Southeast Asia. 

And you know what?

It's Been The Best Decision I've Ever Made.

Lately, a number of things have made me realise that...

Life Is Short. Really Bloody Short.

And I want to make the most of it.

Currently, I'm working as a freelance photo-journalist in Manila.

It's a career that continues to enable my love for travel.

In my past 12 months of living in the Philippines, I have...

  • Cried a lot. (As in, ridiculous amounts.)
  • Suffered terrible homesickness.
  • Struggled with my cultural identity.
  • Had an unsuccessful long distance relationship.
  • Become best friends with Netflix.
  • Become extremely broke.

But in the past 12 months, I have also...

  • Fallen in love with my home country.
  • Learned to speak Tagalog.
  • Become an advanced scuba diver.
  • Founded a film magazine.
  • Hosted a film festival.
  • Started surfing.
  • Made lifelong friends.
  • Become incredibly independent.
  • Loved.
  • Lost.

And most importantly...

learned how to LIVE.

So, in essence, this blog is my journal. 

Of travel experiences, illuminations, and human connections.

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And who knows?

One day, maybe we'll take a trip together :)